ICE112 App features

Do the "I'm here" button with all phones?

You need either an iPhone or a smartphone with Android operating system. As Emergency contact / friend requires only that you have a cell phone . Does it cost to use the " I'm here " feature? Check with your carrier which traffic cost they charge when you use the map and what any sms solution you have on your mobile subscription.

Why does not the "I'm here" button work?

You must have an active mobile subscriptions and mobile coverage. I'M HERE button on the Today vyen the locked screen Pull down the blinds from above , go to the Today view, find ICE112 and press the plus sign and then Done , then pops ICE112 buttons in Today view:

Profile picture on locked screen

Choose wallpaper icon inside the app , choose Save Wall Pater , find the image in liberary and choose add as background Then select "Set as Background " then " Move and Scale" ( pull together everything a little) + then press the " set" and finally choose " set input locked screen / both "