What is ICE112 Lifetime warranty? We are proud to offer you a lifetime warranty on our products.

If your product ever any manufacturing defects, splits in half, we will replace it for free. We want you to feel safe and secure when you invest in a ICE112 ID product, You carry one of the best and most effective products available in this category. Most ICE112 ID users report positive benefits of our products.

ICE112 ID are not intended to treat or cure the disease. DEALER: For retail purchases, for example, at an event, store or authorized reseller ICE112, contact your ICE112 for specific guarantees. What the warranty does not cover? The warranty does not cover normal wear such as ICE112 lettering and logo will disappear due to normal every day wear. The guarantee covers neither abuse or misuse of the product. We reserve the right to refuse warranty replacement if that is the case.

How do I get my ID replacement under this warranty? Please contact us via our contact form and indicate what the matter is, purchase date and place of purchase. After contact, please send in your broken band together with the completed warranty form. This sent to: ICE112 Ltd, PO Box 1394, 25224 Helsingborg, Sweden

Is my free replacement ID really free? Or do I have to pay anything? For your ICE112 ID product comes free lifetime warranty, and is your replacement product is completely free. However, is there an outlay spongiform a handling and processing fee of 29kr for replacement product must be sent back to you. (As well as potential duties while receiving remuneration ID for international customers)