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Use the I'm Here button and 24/7 in case of emergency service.

ICE112 Mobile App

For iOS and Android users 

ICE112 app will support you in case of emergency. Features include Health ID profile, ICE contacts, locked sceen wallpaper and the great I'm Here button, sending a SMS position to your family. Already have an ICE112 ID band, great, link it to your profile!

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Now available in Apple® App Store and Google Play store.

Safety first!

For only 2 EUR/month share your Health ID, global personal 24/7 service or send your GPS postion your are in the world!

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    24/7 Global Health ID with personal service In Case of Emergency


    Simply add all your emergency contacts in case for quick contact.


    Have your Health ID profile as a Wallpaper in your locked Mobile screen 


    Link all your ID bracelets, Dogtags, stickers etc. to your Health ID



"-Thanks, the children ID band was great when Matilda ran away on our vacation" /Anna

 "-A wonderful product for my diabetic husband" /Lily

One more thing


    Share your GPS position with family and friends


  • 112 - SOS CALLING

    With a touch of a button call 112



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